Date 12th July – 21st July, 2015
Location Confusius International School Chengdu
Partner Model United Nations of University of Chicago (MUNUC)

Program Details

Pegasus-MUNUC 2014 has been co-developed by Alpha Partners Education and Model United Nations of University of Chicago (MUNUC).

The Bloc B concentrations will be taught by University of Chicago students and/or alumni selected from the MUNUC network, and serve as the academic basis for the Pegasus Model United Nations Conference, which will follow the MUNUC rules of procedure:


Bloc B Concentration Pegasus-MUNC Committee Pegasus-MUNC Topic
B2: International Law and Territorial Disputes United Nations Security Council TBC
B3: Economic Development and Poverty Eradication United Nations Development Programme TBC
B4: Global Environment and Sustainable Development United Nations Environment Programme TBC
B5: Social Injustice and Gender Equality UN Women TBC

For more information on MANUC, please refer to the Downloads section.

Program Location

Host School Confusius International School Chengdu
Address No.18 Xi Sheng Street, Qingshang District, Chengdu
Pegasus-NAIMUN has access to 8 air-conditioned classrooms (each equipped with smart boards, two blackboards and overhead projectors), 2 staff rooms, 4 conference rooms, drama studios and a 300-seating state of the art auditorium
Pegasus-NAIMUN students live on campus in shared modern dormitories, each unit equipped with desks, air conditioning and hot water. All staff and teachers also live on campus in en-suite staff accommodation.
Pegasus-NAIMUN serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in the multistory school canteen. There is also a large supermarket on campus for students and teachers to buy drinks and snacks.
Pegasus-NAIMUN has access to all school sports facilities during the program, including a large multipurpose gym, running track, football field, table tennis, tennis and badminton courts.
Pegasus-NAIMUN is a closed program with staff on duty 24 hours a day, and students are only allowed off campus if accompanied by a parent or teacher. All students are provided medical insurance, and have access to medical facilities on campus and hospitals nearby.

Application Procedure

Applications Open March 28, 2014
Applications Close June 28, 2014 (closed)

Application for Pegaus -Naimun 2014 is closed.

Apply Online
Submit the Pegasus-NAIMUN 2014 online application form below.
3-5 Days: Two-part interview process (written and spoken).
5-8 Days: Receive admission notice, make payment and sign agreement to formally register for Pegasus-NAIMUN 2014.
Following registration, students will submit their Pegasus-NAIMUN 2014 Bloc B Concentration preferences.
July 1: students receive welcome pack, including class lists, schedule, textbooks and all pre-readings.

Program Cost

Program Cost 4,980 RMB
  • Application fee
  • Course/Conference fees
  • Course Textbooks (Core and Concentration)
  • Food (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • Accommodation (10 days, 9 nights)
  • Personal Insurance
  • Pegasus-NAIMUN 2014 T-shirt
Does not include
  • Transport to/from Chengdu

Admission to Pegasus-NAIMUN 2014 is merit-based, and we provide full and partial scholarships every year to ensure all eligible students can attend. All scholarships are needs-based, and are reviewed via separate application form following admission to the program.


about naimun

Georgetown International Relations Association, Inc. (GIRA) is a registered non-profit organization based at Georgetown University. The organization was founded in 1969 to promote youth education and awareness of international affairs. Since then, it has continued to pursue that goal in a variety of ways, both at the high school level and at the college level through our partnership with the Georgetown International Relations Club, a student club at Georgetown University dedicated to the same mission.

GIRA will be providing academic support to Pegasus-NAIMUN 2014, co-developing Bloc B of the curriculum and contributing to the design of the Pegasus-MUNC, which is structured based on NAIMUN LI.

For more information about GIRA, please visit their official website:


Pegasus 2014 Brochure (Chinese) Download 
Pegasus Intro Video Download 
Pegasus CCTV Documentary Download 
Pegasus - Model United Nations Download 
Pegasus - Dream Factory Download 
Pegasus Theater Night Download 

Apply Now

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