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Marvelous Experience in China

In March, a group of Trinity School delegates came to China and passed a wonderful spring break through the Alpha Exchange program. During this two-week trip, two teachers and fourteen students experienced a variety of tailor-made activities in eastern, northern, and western regions of China.

In order to maximize the education value of the tour, Alpha Exchange combined regular sightseeing with unique immersion experiences specially designed for high school students. In addition to appreciating the delicacy of ancient Chinese gardening and being startled by the futuristic design of the Olympic stadium, tour participants greatly enjoyed the teamwork with silk factory workers and looked forward to making their own dumplings back home.

During their stay in Beijing, fourteen Trinity students participated in an intensive immersion program that marked the climax of the entire trip. In this program, each Trinity student is paired up with a local student from Beijing No.18 High School or the High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University. For a 3-day period, each Trinity student lived in the local student’s home, went to school in the morning together, participated in classes with local students, and spent quality time with the family after dark.
While some student may have already been to China in the past, and some are going to return for college-level studies, this trip will still become a once-in-a-life-time experience for many of them. The gains from the trip – improved language skills, deepened cultural understanding, and precious friendship will have a lasting impact on each student’s future endeavor.

About Alpha Exchange

Alpha exChanges are a series of exchange programs at the core of the trilateral partnerships we build and manage between leading Chinese and American high schools.

Building sister school relationships in China is a necessary step towards creating a culture of greater trust and understanding among future global leaders at an age when it matters most. Our role is to ensure that these relationships are effective and enduring, not only in name, but also in practice.

Alpha Partners started working with Trinity School to develop international partnership in early 2013. Since then, Alpha Partners has facilitated a series of international exchange programs between Trinity and Chinese high schools. During the following summer, we brought a group of Trinity officials to visit a variety of high schools in China, promoting mutual understanding between Trinity and Chinese high schools. As a result, Trinity identified several potential partner schools in China, and the China trip in March 2014 was the first step for Trinity to set up long-term exchange programs in China. Additionally, in December 2013, Alpha Partners led a group of Chinese students from Beijing Royal School and Harbin No.3 High School to visit Trinity during a school day, bringing diversity to Trinity classroom.

Looking into the future, Alpha Partners and Trinity are developing more opportunities for management, faculty and students to engage in more sophisticated, longer-term exchange initiatives. We believe that building partnerships between Chinese and U.S. high schools is a necessary step towards creating a culture of greater trust and understanding among emerging generations of global leaders, during a formative period in their lives when they are most intellectually and culturally open.

Chinese garden tour

Sightseeing in Beijing

Silk making in Suzhou No.1 Silk Factory

Dumpling class in Xi’an

Class participation at the High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University

Poster design with home stay buddies at Beijing No.18 High School
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