Welcome Letter for NAIMUN China 2019

Dear Students,

On behalf of the Georgetown International Relations Association, the Secretariat, and staff, I am proud to welcome you to both components of our summer programming: NAIMUN China 2019 and Pegasus-NAIMUN 2019!

We are excited to help immerse you in the world of Model United Nations (MUN), which will be dynamic, exhilarating, educational, and challenging. With Pegasus-NAIMUN and NAIMUN China, you will all have many opportunities to hone in on important skills for your future, like thinking critically and understanding current events. Through our programming, you will be more comfortable with those around you while being exposed to a diversity of lifestyles. MUN will introduce you to people from across the globe as you collaborate with them to form solutions. These experiences will help you to develop personal opinions and views on international issues, and show you how to create arguments that help make change in the world.

Our United States conference, NAIMUN, was created in 1963 and has since served as one of the primary platforms for high school students to learn about the world and how to debate certain issues. The conference, considered the Olympics of Model United Nations, hosts more than 3,300 students annually with many different opinions and backgrounds. Delegates interact and learn about each other both during the structured committee time and in interactions outside of the conference such as our programming that helps you explore the city. While working in committee, you, as delegates, are able to develop fantastic solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. Our conference offers 39 different committees with different sizes, styles, and topics for each one. Join us at NAIMUN LVII which will be held from February 13th-16th, 2020!

Before our conference in the U.S., I invite you to take part in the NAIMUN experience that we are bringing to China. These committees include a wide range of bodies, including the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank to the World Health Organization. Additionally, they cover a variety of topics, from empowering women around the world to combatting drug trafficking and more. Our conference is known for providing a rich educational experience and our excellent staffing. We hope that NAIMUN China 2019 shows you what makes this conference so great.

We are incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to share with you an experience that with have a long-lasting impact on your life. During this educational time, we challenge you all to step outside of your comfort zones to learn your capabilities and grow in your skills. Our team is extremely excited to meet you all in Chengdu in July, and then to see you again in February for NAIMUN LVII in Washington D.C.!

Best wishes,

Mark Wilcox


North American Invitational Model United Nations (NAIMUN) China